Monday, 25 April 2011

Bluetooth Information Website

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This project covers design and development of a static website using XHTML, CSS and graphic design in Photoshop as part of assignment for Internet Development module.

The requirement was to develop a website which described a computing related topic, had a professional appearance at the front end, including a usable navigation scheme and consistent appearance and provided following functionality:
  • The Website contains five different sections about Bluetooth technology.
  • Each section has its own subfolder and its own index.html page.
  • All pages of the website use the same structure. The body of each page contains for major layers: Header, Navigation, ContentArea, and Footer. The ContentArea layer holds the other div elements with different styles.
  • All styling is defined in the separate CSS file.
  • All images correctly located in appropriately named folders.
* Material about Bluetooth technology has been taken partially from Wikipedia website and partialy from different sources on the Internet.


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