Sunday, 17 April 2011

PHP Mini E-commerce application

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The requirement was to develop a dynamic, PHP/MySQL powered version of Mini E-commerce website which provided the following functionality:
  • The website sells books which are grouped by categories. A user can browse the book catalogue, view book details and add the books into the Shopping Cart following a checkout page and a faked purchase process.
  • The Home page displays the newest book list.
  • The Browse page lists the recommended books which are presented based on the highest user ratings.
  • The shopping cart provides facility to change quantity and calculate the total charge.
  • The registration page collects personal information and credit card details.
  • The website supports sessions and cookies functionality. The cookies are saved for the users if they left the website without logout, and when they come back a Welcome message with the user’s name would be displayed and the automatic login would be applied.
  • The shopping cart content is saved into a session and will be presented to the logged in users, if the checkout process was postponed, when they come back.
  • Shopping Cart

  • Browse Books

  • Login

  • Home

  • Checkout Page

  • Registration


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