Tuesday, 3 May 2011

BeefJerky Web Shop – Front-end design development

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This project demonstrates graphic and xhtml design of the web shop application which can be used for online shop of BeefJerky products.

The website contains the following sections and facilities:
  • Home page – contain short information about products, billboard that is used to advertise and promote the BeefJerky products designed to capture a user’s attention and concentrate their clicks to the products page.
  • Products Page – the list of products with details such as image, description, price and “add to shopping basket” button.
  • Shopping Card – Displays selected items in the list. Offer links to get more details about any items in the cart. Enable shoppers to easily change quantities and remove items. Provide a "Return to Shopping" link.
  • Checkout page – allows shoppers to enter their shipping address (Name, addr1 line, addr2 line, city, county, phone, email).
  • Thank you page – After a payment gateways redirect, a Thank You screen displays providing order information and inviting a shopper to register to make it easier to buy in the future.
  • Customer Login/Registration page – registration / login form with common fields.
  • Shipping Information page (shipping rates & delivery rules): information about delivery rates and rules, shipping details.
  • Terms & Conditions page: general terms and conditions information.
  • Privacy Notice page: information about collecting personal data as required by legislation.
  • Contact Us page - contact details and contact form for sending immediate queries, which can be used for customer support
  • About Us page – general information about business.


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