Inspeko - new app for inspectors

Today I have the first release of my app “Inspeko” – cloud-based mobile ready Inspection system.

This is the version 0.1 release, which contains the minimum set of features and running only on the up-to-date modern browsers.

The system designed for inspectors of various industries who requires collecting information through visual observation during a walk-down inspections.

Inspeko will empower inspectors to efficiently and effectively do their inspection while saving their time and efforts of capturing the required information.
Every inspection is different and requires different data input. Classically, most of inspection results written into some pre-designed paper form and later communicated with the interested parties.

Inspeko allows creating custom inspection forms which would match those ready-made paper forms.  Inspectors will be able to carry out most of the inspection types, e.g. property inspections, room inspections, safety inspections, vehicle inspections, road inspections, etc.

Inspeko can be accessed from any web-enabled device and supports any screen size from phones to desktop displays. The form designer is not yet available while a number of pre-built forms could be used to create the inspections.

More information is available here on the supporting website.