Watch files for changes in Bitbucket

I am porting a large enterprise web application written in Knockout.js to Angular 2+.
Some complex pages (with large amount of dependencies and business logic)  might take weeks to complete. 
Dozens of developers constantly updating the app by adding new features or modifying the existing functionality.

Freezing the pieces of the code I am working with (so no-one would apply any change), until I complete my task is ruled out.

So I have to keep an eye for the changes to the files I am working with.  Checking the repository manually is not the option so I’ve created the open source “Bitbucket Repo Watcher” ( Basically it is a Node.js application that checks periodically (using BitBucket API) the most recent commits and send email notifications when specific folders / files modified.

Below is how it works.

The app is making a number of pre-configured paginated requests, which return the collection of the most recent commits. Then it filters out the commits based on the Date / Author filters and checks the commit diffs for the changes of the target files. If any changes found then the summary of the corresponding commits is emailed.

It is running as a Windows Service on my machine and is querying the Bitbucket repository once a day at 21.00. The app is easy to configure and install on all major platforms. 

It might be not perfect at the moment but it does job for me.